Why I Work With MSPs

Even had I never pursued a vocation in technology I would still be in love with the concept of creating and applying technology to solve problems.

Letter to the Managing Partner of a Local MSP

My response to a prospect who wants a new website, but who needs instead to reprioritize.

Many Want to be Led

Many, in fact, will simply go wherever they’re led. So lead. You may lose a sale from time to time to a prospect who doesn’t want you to lead them, but they probably would not have been a good customer, anyway.

Book Review: The Phoenix Project

I read The Phoenix Project only a month ago, and already it has made me rethink my agency’s approach to getting things done.

Plotting Sentiment of the Professional Services Buyer

I happened upon an interesting way to look at how professional services customers feel toward a brand throughout the customer experience. The diagram may look a little rough, but take a look at what's going on over time.