Mark Figart, aka "figdog", established a career in information technology when he created a dial-up service to translate data exchanges between retail chains and their suppliers in the early '90s. Since then Mark has pursued his passions at the intersection of design, technology, marketing and the world wide web—mostly alongside his team at Digett, the digital agency he founded in 2001.

He now focuses on helping technology service providers develop, adopt and implement successful marketing and advertising programs.

Why I Help MSPs

When I decided to focus my agency on helping companies in the IT Services marketplace I did so because of a personal passion for information technology. I am a technologist, the most visible evidence perhaps being my early career as a technical writer and then software developer. But even had I never pursued these lines of work—had I ended up an economist or journalist as my university degree might have suggested—I would still be in love with the concept of creating and applying technology to solve problems.

Technology is changing our lives right before our eyes, and for that it's an amazing time to be alive. Imagine our planet just twenty years in the future: Autonomous vehicles dominate our roadways, brain-machine interfaces connect us to robots and other devices, the miracle of artificial intelligence anticipates things we can’t yet fathom, augmented and virtual reality take us places and educate us with efficiencies that alone fundamentally transform our economy. Scary in some ways, sure, but dude! We are so incredibly and unbelievably fortunate to live in a period in which many of us with at least a half-century under our belts will not only experience these amazing technological developments, but at the same time reminisce about a childhood characterized by party lines, black-and-white television and the awesome aroma of classroom assignments printed on paper fresh from the mimeograph machine.